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February 6th, 2017

Hey folks!

It’s been an amazing couple of weeks. Citizen Journalism School has grown from 0 students to well over 100. People have sent in dozens of questions and course ideas. We’ve been impressed by how quickly this has taken off, and we’re very much looking forward to helping every one of you to make journalism honest again.


In addition to the initial course on how a citizen journalist should go about starting to use Twitter, we’ve launched several other courses and have added some initial classes to those courses.

These classes include advice on finding or creating a workspace, extracting and verifying factual claims in stories, and even a class sharing an entirely new model for news organizations.

We’ve gotten some great ideas for new courses from students. If you have ideas for courses that you’d like to submit, please send those in on the Courses page. Many more courses are coming soon.

Daily Briefings

We’ve been doing regular Daily Briefings, answering questions and addressing general issues regarding citizen journalism and reporting.

If you’d like to submit questions for the Daily Briefings, please submit them on the Daily Briefings page.


We’ve launched several discussion forums on Slack, on Facebook, and on this site.

If you’re currently not a part of any of those or if you’d like to contribute ideas on how they should be run or what we should do with them, please get in touch using the form below.

Site Improvements

Later this week we’ll also have some big performance upgrades coming, including much faster site speeds, a navigation bar so you don’t have to manually type in the URL to get around the site, and various design improvements.

If you want to submit any requests for any site changes please get in touch using the form below.

Get in touch

If you’d like to contact us directly please use the form below, and also feel free to message us directly – Lee’s very busy working in Washington, D.C. but can be reached at, and Shane is available regularly and can be reached at (and can help you to get in touch with Lee if there’s something urgent or important).

You’ve made a great choice in becoming a part of this community, and we’re looking forward to making this the best possible source for people willing to work hard to find and tell the truth.

Lee and Shane Stranahan

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