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May 4th, 2017

Hey folks!

As a part of the transition into Version 2.0 of this site and this community, we’ve started to dramatically improve the quality of our videos. You can see this in the two most recent Daily Briefings, linked here and here.

We’ll be carrying these improvements forward into the lessons and courses we’re posting over the coming days, and within the next day we also expect to be adding an official logo to the site that you’ll start to see in our videos and in other places around the site and the internet.

We thought we’d have the logo done within the past day but we had to make a small revision – we’re almost ready to show it to you! All future videos will have this branding. In its own way this is a big step up for the future of the site, and we can’t wait to show you what we’re working on.

Until tomorrow, please send in your questions for the next Daily Briefing, and if you haven’t yet, please share your website on our new Student Websites forum. (Thanks for the great submissions, Jill, David, and Louise!)

Lee and Shane Stranahan