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June 9th, 2017

Hey, folks!

We’ve just posted this week’s Weekend Challenge, and come Tuesday we’ll be sending out this week’s prize, as well as the prizes for the past three challenges. We’ll also be posting some advice to folks who’ve posted their submissions on our forums over the past few weeks.

We’ll be in touch again Monday. Looking forward to talking again soon! The team’s getting bigger, and we’ll have a lot more news for you in a few days.

Lee and Shane Stranahan

P.S. A few updates from the Stranahan family: Jack Stranahan, the 16-year-old  little big brother, is now in Washington, D.C. and helping us Make Journalism Honest Again… and Shane Stranahan is healthy again after a week spent lying in bed with the flu. We’ll be working as a team to bring you a lot more useful information very soon.