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June 14th, 2017

Hey, folks!

We’re very happy to announce the winners for our first four Weekend Challenges:

  • For the first week, we’ll be sending gift cards to Rox, R. Louise Ewen, and Holly Engel, and we’ll be donating $25 to Wounded Warriors Project on behalf of Deb Fox. This first challenge was the most demanding and we want to send each of you sincere messages of respect and appreciation for taking the time to get out and film a standup. We thought you did great work.
  • For the second week, we’ll be sending a gift card to Lydia Banton, who we thought came up with a wonderfully representative set of headlines from across the political spectrum. If you were a part of this challenge, you probably learned some interesting and useful things about political bias in journalism. This Is helpful for understanding the media, but also in your own path for doing better and more transparent, honest work as a journalist.
  • For the third week, we’ll be sending a gift card to Theresa Rodriguez. We hope everyone who took part and submitted songs had interesting thoughts about the relationships between music and the news. We also hope each of you had a great time.
  • For the fourth week, we’ll be sending a gift card to Leslie Soule, who came up with a really wonderful motto. We had some truly amazing submissions, and we want to help each of you to live up to your own ideal. It was also wonderful to see how much we had in common with all of you in terms of what we find important in our work and our lives.

Big thanks to everyone who took part in these past four Weekend Challenges. We’re looking forward to announcing our next Challenge very soon!

We’ve also just uploaded a new course and its first short introductory lesson. This is a course about Divi, a WordPress theme we use all over the place (CJS itself is a Divi site). This course would be very useful for folks looking to learn how to build and maintain beautiful WordPress sites. It would also be a great companion course to WordPress Learner’s Permit and for the members of CJS who are eligible for our WordPress installation + hosting.

We’ll be posting Q&A videos soon, and we’ve been getting some great questions. Until then, please send us more questions!

The Stranahans