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June 19th, 2017

Hey, folks!

We want you to help us save the world.

Today we’re launching the biggest CJS project yet: an ongoing, collaborative, journalistic project that will focus on the biggest story in the nation right now, the ‘Russian hacking’ narrative, which has been almost universally pushed by the establishment media, going largely unquestioned. We’re going to disprove this narrative, potentially literally preventing a world war, and we want your help.

We want your help researching this story, writing it up, and editing material for release.

We’ll have much more information soon, but for now we have an introductory video (in the form of a lesson, in a new course!) which you can take in order to learn a little bit about Slack, as well as about how to use Slack to research with us. We’ll have more coming on this front soon as we refine our communal collaboration process. For now: if you’re interested, join the new Research channel on Slack and say hi.

We’ll be announcing the winners of this past Weekend Challenge tomorrow! There’s still time to send in your submission tonight.

The Stranahans