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July 19th, 2017

Hey, folks!

Lee and Jack got back from Florida this morning, and Shane will be coming back from Twin Falls tomorrow.

With us coming back into town and getting back into gear, and with John Cardillo joining the team, things are about to get much more busy at CJS. We’re going to be finishing up some of our older classes soon, but we’re also about to add a few new courses, including one that Shane is going to be partly filming later today while he’s still out in Twin Falls.

We’d like to congratulate Christopher Butler! He was selected as the winner of this past Weekend Challenge. We hope this was a useful experience – a few of you that did this told us that you’d learned some things, which was exactly what we wanted. This Weekend Challenge tied in very neatly with our first Weekend Challenge on framing.

We’re still trying to figure out how best to use the research channel on Slack. Thanks to everyone who joined that channel. We want to do great things with that now that the three of us are back to working together as a team in one place. We’ll have more coming on that soon.

The Stranahans