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October 26th, 2017

Hey, folks,

Big announcement here: we’re happy to open up registration for our recommended hotel for Citizen Journalism & Activism Conference! Please book by Monday in order to get our reduced rate of $97/night. We’ll be posting the full schedule for the conference very soon, and if you haven’t signed up yet you really should!

After solving yesterday’s problem with adding new courses, we’re happy to announce two new lessons today:

  • An introduction to Aeon Timeline, a piece of software we use extensively and frequently. We think many of you will find this app very, very useful.
  • A new course, Basics of Writing, with its first lesson on how to write an aggregated story: a story primarily based on another story, using primarily its material. This definitely isn’t the kind of deep, investigative journalism we value here the most, but we thought it would be useful to add this first for a few reasons: it’s a popular style of writing, and knowing what goes into it is important; and its a way to develop the discipline of directly comparing and revising perspectives, which is what so many of the structures of modern journalism seem to want to keep us from being able to do on our own.

Also, we’re going to be looking for the help of a few kind souls who feel like pitching in on a few small tasks. If you’re interested in helping us with our first mission, which is getting recent good interviews from Fault Lines downloaded to a safe location and uploaded to a service so we can share clips, please let Shane know! We also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s volunteered with us in the past: you’re still making a difference.

We’ll be back in touch soon!

The Stranahans