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Weekend Challenge

November 18th-27th, 2017

This challenge is running for ten days – from November 18th-27th – unlike what the video suggests!

This Weekend Challenge involves writing a piece about bail reform, and the winner of this Weekend Challenge gets a Kindle Fire HD signed by Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth Chapman.

Here’s some information you can use for your piece on bail reform:

An interview we did with Mary Smith on Bail Reform, now available over at the Forum.

A website we put together about the criminal justice reform movement at

An article over at Populist.TV about George Soros’ influence on the USA, broken down state-by-state.

A series of three articles Lee wrote at Breitbart last year about the Criminal Justice Reform movement:

The Truth Behind the Push for Criminal Justice Reform

The Ballot or the Bullet: The Real Agenda Behind Criminal Justice Reform Part Two

Black Lives Matter’s White Grandfather: Truth About Criminal Justice Reform Part 3

Submit your stories below, and we’ll choose one to send the prize.

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