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Weekend Challenge winner, two big stories, mentorship program

November 29th, 2017

Hey folks!

Weekend Challenge

We had two great submissions to our last Weekend Challenge, coming from Chuck Benoit and Kisha Davis (who’s the person behind most of our recent Morning Reports, by the way).

We thought both of your articles were great. We’ve flipped a coin to determine the winner, and the winner is Chuck! (Sorry, Kisha.)

We’ll be sending Mr. Benoit his Kindle Fire HD 8 very soon, signed by the famous Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman and his wife Beth, best known from their multiple reality TV show series. Good job, Chuck!

Two Big Stories

Lee has been working in-depth on the story of William Browder. In addition to the research we’ve been doing on this, we’ve also been fortunate enough to be able to get great guests to talk about it recently on Fault Lines. We’ll be talking more about this in future emails once we have a nice, concise breakdown of the story. Stay tuned!

Shane spoke with Michael Yon recently about the ‘comfort women’ story. We have an opportunity for anyone interested in working on this story with them, specifically by helping them to put together a timeline of events related to the story using Aeon Timeline. We didn’t talk about payment so for now this would likely be an unpaid, volunteer position. If you’re interested, visit the ‘research’ channel on the CJS Slack and reply to Shane’s short thread there.

Mentorship Program

We have a few slots open for our Mentorship program. This is a deeper, more expensive, personalized program where Lee helps to personally mentor you on a regular and ongoing basis in order to help you establish yourself as a journalist. Only some people are ready for this opportunity. To learn more and to set up an initial meeting to determine if this is right for you, visit our Membership page.