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January 27th, 2017

Hey folks!

Some people ask us why Lee uses Twitter not just to distribute stories he’s written, but also to write stories and do research live.

To look at just one aspect of this: it allows us to publicly describe lines of investigation much more quickly than recording videos or writing stories.

Lee put together this thread on Bill Browder earlier. Within just a few minutes, he was able to quickly lay out research he’d been doing which showed Browder making mismatching sets of statements over several years.

`A written version of this – which we’ll be working on at the new and improved Populist.TV – would have taken much longer to create. What we can do, too, is to take the thread and ‘write around it’ for a quick, improved version of this same story which we can upload to the site.

There are different stages of development that you go through in projects, at different points of time. With this story, we’ve put in a great deal of time researching, and while we’re not done looking for more info, our problem right now is closer to ‘knowing too much’ than ‘knowing too little’. For this reason, it’s useful for us to take the things we know and quickly get them out into the world.

Twitter helps us with that – we can put together a ‘first pass’ at a story or a view online, in the form of a thread of Tweets. We can then take a second pass in the form of recording a video or a Periscope, for example. And we can then polish this up into a story on the website, which will incorporate not only the Tweets, the videos/Periscopes, but also a much more polished breakdown of the material in the form of a written story.

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