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Questions & Answers

How does it work?

Once you sign up, you’ll get a unique link you can share. When people sign up for CJS by using your link, you’ll get a 25% cut of their payments.

How much will I earn?

You’ll earn 25% of whatever students pay.

How do I get paid?

Every Monday we’ll PayPal you your share of any payments that have been transferred to our bank.

How do I join?

Just sign up using the form on this page. We’ll take a look at your application, approve it, and then you’ll get a confirmation email with links to let you log in.

Do I need to be a student?


If I refer a subscriber, do I get a percentage of their future payments?

Yep. If you refer someone who signs up for a yearly membership at $549, and they’re a member for two years total, then you get 25% of both payments, for a total of $274.50.

How do I see how many people I’ve referred?

After you create an account using the form above, you can log in and see on this page how many referrals you have, as well as other information.