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What do you think of WikiNews?

I like it as I like all news sources. I’m a big believer in all news sources. I have questions about crowdsourced news and how you avoid misinformation. Generally I like more news sources, not less.

Do you use any kind of audio recording device?

For many things my iPhone, for the higher production-value things I use the Zoom H6 and its attachments.

What's some quick advice on use of language, grammar, and sentence structure?

Read news writing. Short sentences are generally better. There are lots of kinds of news writing, some people are more writer-y, but generally short and punchy writing wins.

Did Valerie Jarrett actually move to the Obama's house?

It seems to be in doubt. I was saying this because there was an article about this in the Daily Mail, and it seemed to be solid, but an Obama spokesman has denied it.

What's the difference between self-hosted WordPress and

Self-hosted is your domain on a site that you control. means you don’t have as much fine-level control, and if decides to change their rules, you could be hosed.