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New blog post on gear + question drive

Hey folks,

We have a new quick video up on the gear we use to cover protests – and just as a reminder, we have a whole lesson up in our Video Production course on that same subject which goes into more detail.

Last week we shot the intro to a new course on how to set up a studio for high production quality filming without spending a ton of money, and I’m planning on filming and adding at least the first lesson of that tomorrow.

We’re also in a question drive: does anyone have questions, comments, or ideas for courses or lessons? Just send me an email at


New exclusive material on Browdergate

Hey folks,

We have new materials on Bill Browder, including video of his 2015 deposition in which he contradicts statements he made under oath to Congress late last year, as well as a hitherto unpublished 2017 deposition in which he’s asked hard questions about some of the crucial initial events in 2007, including the raid on the offices of Hermitage Capital.

Anyone who follows Lee outside of CJS knows that we’ve been researching and reporting on the story of Bill Browder and the Magnitsky Act very diligently in recent months. We’ll be going more in-depth very soon on exactly why we’re covering the story, how it’s important, and what the facts are.

For now if you’re interested head to our Browder page on Populist.TV and check out the source documents there.

Shane Stranahan

Calling for questions and a new blog post

Hey folks,

First off: we’re putting out a big call to questions from students. What new courses do you want to see? What questions do you want answered? What would you like to see happen with this school? Please send me an email at with any ideas.

We have a new public blog post up on Evernote which you can check out here.

In the past week we’ve begun to shift into a new mode.

All of the family’s hands are on deck for our projects and businesses (except for 5-year-old Ezra and 8-year-old Van… for now) which means you’re going to see big upgrades on different fronts of the school.

A large part of this is that we’ve improved how we film lessons, so we can get great content out much more quickly.

This has to do with the setup we’ve created at our new office. We’ve set everything up so we can now quickly produce great looking videos with great audio and have them ready to post with either a small amount of editing or none. To our knowledge there’s almost no one else who’s doing things this way, and we’re looking forward to teaching you what we know about it in future lessons here at CJS.

Shane Stranahan