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Welcome to your Populist Survey

I think most billionaires have earned their money honestly.
I think the United States military involvement in Afghanistan was a huge mistake.
I think the state of Isreal has too much power in United States politics.
I believe members of the Yale University secret society Skull & Bones have sworn an oath to work together and protect each other.
Overall, United States foriegn polucy has been a force for good in the world.
The CIA knows a lot more about the Assignation of President John F. Kennedy than they have admitted.
When I support a politician or political canidate, I remain loyal to them no matter what.
Overall, big Foundationss and Think Tanks do a lot to make the world a better place.
I believe Julian Assange should be set free from prison.
Both Democrat and Republican politicians in the United States seem to have same views on war and foriegn policy.