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Welcome to your Ukraine

Which Ukrainian leader was installed by the United State in 2014 and ended up being the most unpopular leader in the world, with an approval rating of 6%?
Which Ukrainian learder rose to fame and power as a comedian?
Which U.S. State Department official was caught on a phone call saying "Fuck the EU" and planning who would be in charge of Ukraine after the U.S. backed coup?
The International Renaissance Foundationm is the influencial Ukrainian NGO (Non-governmental organization) that works closely with the U.S. Government.  

Which billionaire creacted the International Renaissance Foundation?
Stepan Bandera was the Ukrainian nationalist leader and war criminal. He and his followers played a big role in the slaughter of Poles and Jews during World War II.

Althought he died in 1959, he's still a hero to Ukraine's fascist elements such as the Svoboda and Rick Sektor parties.

How do the Ukraianians who still idolize him celeebrate this birthday every year on January 1st?
Under Ukraianian leader Petro Poroshenko was installed by the United States, which distinction did Ukraiane have?