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Twitter Is The Essential Social Media Tool For Journalists. Are You Using It Right?

What is Twitter For Citizen Journalists?

It’s a self paced online course that shows you how to get more out of Twitter than you ever thought possible!

It’s taught by acclaimed investigative reporter Lee Stranahan, who has been a Twitter power user for over 8 years–that’s longer than 99% of all Twitter users. Lee also made Twitter history when he published the first Twitter interview with a sitting member of Congress.

Lee will show you every secret he’s ever used on stories like the Anthony Weiner online scandal and even international stories like ISIS terrorism.

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This highly detailed course will turbo-boost your contact list, help you get the most out of Twitter and save you years of failed experiments on your own.

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Here’s just some of what you’ll learn…

Twitter Essentials

  • Why Twitter is vital (not optional) for journalism right now.
  • Creating a professional account.
  • Avoiding the 3 biggest mistakes Twitter users make.
  • Building your following (the right way!)
  • Staying organized : how to save Tweets before they get deleted.

Gathering News On Twitter

  • How being a great curator is the key to Twitter success.
  • Beating the networks at breaking news.
  • Using Twitter to add massive value to major stories and get noticed.
  • Using Twitter’s “Secret Search” Feature.
  • Other tools you MUST know about to take full advantage of Twitter.

Twitter In Your Reporting

  • Twitter and WordPress: a match made in heaven.
  • How and why Twitter can save you big money including legal bills. Really.
  • Building The Ultimate Promotional Machine (And run it auto-pilot.)
  • Periscope, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud & other Twitter power broadcasting tools.

Networking & Career Building

  • Why Twitter is the secret weapon to the most powerful networking trick I know.
  • How to win friends (and irritate people.)
  • Using Twitter to establish a unique personal brand that’s worth its weight in gold.
  • Monetizing Twitter.

Learn What You Need To Succeed.