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Are you ready to save journalism?

Are you like millions of people around the world who just don’t believe the news media any more?

You know journalism can be done better.

Maybe it’s time to stop complaining and start to do something about it. Are you ready to learn the skills and put your voice out there? Are you ready to be one of the next generation of journalists and are you ready to make a difference?

What is Citizen Journalism School?

My name is Lee Stranahan.

I started Citizen Journalism School because the Fake News media is beyond repair.

People often ask me, “what can I do to make a differnece?”

Let me tell you what I’ll teach you so you can make a difference.

Learn to research and write like a pro.

In the internet era, the written word is more important than ever.

You don’t need to stare in agony at a blank page, wondering what to say next. We’ll show you sure-fire formulas to get your news writing going and we’ll show you the flourishes that don’t fit in any formula.

It all starts with research, and we’ll teach you the deep research tricks that most reporters never bother to learn, We’ll give you the edge you need to be a better writer.

Make news compelling with audio.

Learn to podcast & broadcast

Picture yourself, confidently leaning close to the microphone and telling the world the truth.

Audio is simply one of the most powerful storytelling tools out there and with explosion of internet radio and podcasting, it’s become a vital took for newsmakers. 

You’ll learn everything from mic technique to branding your show to launching your very own podcast at Citizen Journalism School.

Connect with other Citizen Journalists in a worldwide digital newsroom.

Our private forums and Slack channel are the way for you to interact with Lee and other students. Make connections, collaborate, ask questions, share data… our forums make you part of the action.

Coming in 2019, get story ideas and be part of a real ediotiral proccess, if you choose. Join a team and get experience with work as a writer, editor and proofing stories and help the Populist.TV cover breaking news.

Journalistic Thinking

You’ll learn to critically and accurately think through complicated stories.


You’ll learn the basics of how to blog with your new WordPress website.


You’ll learn how to get started with podcasting and interviewing guests.

Streaming Video

You’ll learn how to get started and scale up the quality of your video streams.

Committed to making you smarter

Learn from Lee Stranahan and 40+ years of media experience.

After a successful career behind the scenes in the TV & Film industry, Lee set his sights on journalism in 2007 as a way of trying to understand the changes he saw happening in the world. Lee started as a featured writer at The Huffington Post,  where he broke news on the John Edwards affair. Then Lee met Andrew Breitbart, who became a close friend and mentor. Former Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steve Bannon would call Lee “the best investigative reporter in America” and his reporting would take him across the country and around the world. He’s currently the co-host of the morning drive-time showFault Lines with Nixon and Stranahan in Washington DC on Radio Sputnik.

Lee’s experience and reputation as one of the best researchers in the business make Lee the ideal guide to help you light your path to success.


Be Part of Citizen Journalism School for as Little as $549!

Citizen Journalim School is priced to be affordable.

A recent study said the cost of traditional journalism school is $34,000 per year but of course CJS is very different from traditional school. We don’t offer a degree or accredidation, for instance. But the world of traditional meda is dead, and you don’t need a degree to succeed in journalism any more than you need a degree in music to be a musician. Talent, a fresh take and most of all your own hard work are what ultimiately determine your successs.

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