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Citizen Journalism School

Join the accurate journalism army with our self-paced online courses and supportive community.

What Will You Do in
Citizen Journalism School?

Take Classes from a Longtime Journalist and Teacher

You can learn at your own pace. We’ll teach you how to think through a story, how to research and find the truth for yourself, how to record videos, how to write great stories, how to build a reputation, and many other things as well. We’re adding more classes all the time.

Connect with Citizen Journalists in our Exclusive Forums

Our private forums and Slack channel are the way for you to interact with our staff and most importantly–other students. Make connections, collaborate, ask questions, share data…our forums make you part of the action.

Personal message from founder Lee Stranahan

Why I started Citizen Journalism School and what you’ll learn…

Podcasting & Broadcasting…

Sometimes the best way to tell your stories is to take them on-air!. We’ll teach what you need to know, from the equipment to techniques to interview skills.

Learn to report, host, produce and present…maybe even become part of our student-run internet radio station, Citizen Journalism Radio and host your own show!

Get Feedback And Win Prizes in Our Weekend Challenges

Every weekend you’ll have a chance to take part in one of our Weekend Challenges. These take just a few minutes and are accessible to anyone. You can try something new, get personal feedback on your work, and you might even win a prize.

Free WordPress Website + Hosting

If you join on the yearly plan or for the summer, we’ll throw in a free website.

You’ll have WordPress installed for you.

You can breathe easy knowing that we’re managing your server.

You can even take a course that teaches you WordPress basics.

We’re Improving The Site All The Time

We’re making improvements to the school, creating new opportunities for students, and doing everything we can to make this an unparalleled opportunity for citizen journalists.

We’re constantly working to make journalism better, and to help you become the best journalist you can be.